“It is my joy to tell you about the ministry of Phillip Stanford and the PASCO Home. I first met Phillip when he and a group of men showed up in our church. I had no idea who they were but they seemed to really enjoy and be blessed by what was going on at our church.”


“Later I got to meet Phillip personally and it was then that he told me about his background. He told me about how the Lord had led him to begin this unique ministry.”

“All of us have a story about our lives. These men involved in this special ministry have a story too. In the midst of a real struggle over dependency they are finding a way to discover God’s plan for their life and go on to a meaningful experience in life. PASCO Home equips and prepares them for life.”

“We are in the final stages of completing a 22,000 square foot Educational facility. Phillip and the men from PASCO Home have done the majority of the work on this building. We have benefited from their fine work and the money we have paid PASCO has enabled this important work to continue.”

“What a privilege it is to commend Phillip for the great work he is doing.”

Dr. Mack Morris
Pastor – Woodridge Baptist Church

“I am writing in reference to Phillip Stanford and the ministry he has established known as the PASCO Home. I have heard Phillip’s remarkable story and his passion to help those who are in similar troubled situations. The PASCO Home provides them a safe refuge and a place to help them develop character and integrity founded upon Christian principles.”


“Phillip has shown amazing commitment to helping those in our community while also remaining faithful and committed to the local church. The PASCO Home is a tremendous asset to our city and community. Without places such as this, many desperate people would be left without hope and a future.”

Joseph C. Turman
Senior Pastor – Pathway Church

“I have known Phillip Stanford for many years. The transformation that Christ is working in his life is truly phenomenal. The ministry God has given to him is also an amazing work. It is my privilege to minister on a weekly basis to the men at the PASCO Home, and PASCO is truly vital and victorious in helping these men.”


“I would strongly encourage anyone who senses a calling of God to help in this great ministry. Your prayer support, your financial gifts or your biblical encouragement will pay eternal rewards. Please contact me if I can share anymore about the PASCO Home. It is my joy to be a part of God’s work there.”

Garry Harred
Senior Associate Pastor – Woodridge Baptist Church


“Thank you for allowing me this time to encourage the ministry of the PASCO Home. I have known Mr. Phillip Stanford, director of the PASCO Home, for over two years in a variety of different settings. Phillip has proved himself to be a very diligent and self-motivated leader. First and foremost, Mr. Stanford desires to please God and as a growing disciple of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. Mr. Stanford teaches others through his life, actions, and words. Those who know him are better people. It is a personal privilege to be considered his friend.”


“Mr. Stanford is a very active with the church. He is involved and leads in Bible studies and several ministries of the church as he sacrifices resources to serve the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Phillip is a team player with a great sense of humor. He is a lifetime learner and desires to better equip himself to lead others though the PASCO Home. Mr. Stanford continues to amaze me by his persistence and fortitude as he conquers the challenges of any endeavor that may befall him.”

“Phillip has a love for God which leads him to serve Him by ministering to men through the PASCO Home ministry. Phillip gives the men a healthy environment to truly experience the Giver of a transformed life, Jesus Christ, through daily devotions, Bible Study, service projects, work possibilities, and church attendance. The program is well rounded in scope and design.”

Michael S. Williams
Director of Education Ministries – Woodridge Baptist Church

“I recommend the PASCO Home as a transition to a renewed life.”


“It is a no-nonsense work environment where a man can re-enter the work force and at the same time have a measure of accountability to Christian principles. Each man is accountable to himself, the other home residents and God for their life styles, speech and actions. At the same time, a man is expected to stretch and grow as he continues his Christ-like walk.”

“If a man needs a baby sitter, PASCO is not the place for him.”

Robert (Bob) Hamm

In addition to those kind words, the pastors and business leaders below invite you to contact them in regards to PASCO.


Rev. Terry Glasscock
Senior Pastor – First Baptist Church of Wilmer


Jeff Spiller
Senior Pastor – Christ United Methodist Church


Dr. Terry Curtrer
Senior Pastor – Moffatt Road Baptist Church


Dr. Albin Gaston
Senior Pastor – Semmes First Baptist


Rev. James Jones
Senior Pastor – Forrest Hill Baptist Church


Rev. Ed McKibben
Senior Pastor – Crawford United Methodist Church


Rev. Wayne Gautney
Associate Pastor – Woodridge Baptist Church


Rev. Wayne Benbow
Associate Pastor – Woodridge Baptist Church



821 Blackburn Drive

Mobile, AL 36608